Asados & Supper Clubs

Presenting a new Manchester food experience set in a visually stunning location, surrounded by lush greenery and cool design. A sociable, friendly atmosphere here at Moregeous Mansions, with guests chefs, chargrill outdoor eating and indoor supper clubs. Social distancing currently in operation at our events.

New for 2020: Authentic Argentinial Asado BBQs. Whole basted lambs on a cast iron cross roasted over oak, BBQ options such as pulled pork & salmon sides, chimichurri, salads and flatbreads.

Preparing fresh and scrumptious food, growing our own herbs, and entertaining guests on supper clubs has been central to events so far and is central to what we have planned post-pandemic. Whether at the fire pit, around the tower BBQ or on the asado, flame grilling plays a central role, as does laughter, making friends and celebrating delicious food.

Asado Events

We’ve all eaten BBQ food outside and waxed lyrical about the incurable smokey flavours but unless you’ve trekked across Argentina with a cowboy, genuine Asado cooking might be a new one on you. We baste a whole lamb and cook it for hours & hours on an iron cross, suspended over red hot oak embers. Served with charred potatoes, grilled veg, salads and chimichurri. It’s BLINKIN’ DELICIOUS! Served out in the garden, in shorts or in coats. Think sticky fingers and juicy chins 🙂

Current events HERE

Supper Clubs

Supper club events with different chefs. Past events: a grown-up Bonfire Night, junk-free January Fresh Flavours, luxe Valentine Evening, Independence Day Cook Out. Chefs Pete Naylor of Didsbury Food Lab, Claire Woodier of Spinningfields Market Cafe and Jan Cron of Tailored Chefs wow our guests with incredible food. Menu details released and tickets sold on Eventbrite. Dining takes place inside or out dependant on the theme, guests advised accordingly.

Current events HERE

Grilling & BBQs

In summer time we host regular outdoor barbecues, as well the Asado events. Chargrilled food is also incorporated into most of our supper clubs. There are three external cooking stations so vegetarian cooking can be accommodated on some events as well as meat and fish. Chefs are welcome to bring their own smokers – Pete usually does this! Slow smoked brisket, pulled pork, succulent beef, banana leaf fish, charred pineapple – the list of grilled delights is endless. Photos below.

Current events HERE

Social Scoffing

One of our supper club titles for 2020, a singles type night for those wanting to meet new friends, or foodies new to the area without a go-to-gang for company.

We didn’t plan on Covid high-jacking the word social!

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Don’t just take our word for it! Here are a few of the things that guests have said about our events so far. Our reviews are super important to us. They give food lovers the confidence to spend their hard earned cash, rightly directed at Manchester’s brilliant restaurants and pop ups, here as well. Thanks to YOU, if you’ve taken the time to write one x

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