Moregeous Monday Moments: 5 Feb

"Monday Moments" I am so fibbing. And I've been so bloggin' good so far this year, until now. Yesterday was Monday but I was out all day exploring at the NEC's Spring Fair, so Monday Moments is brought to you courtesy of Tuesday. With it so far? Oh good. Yesterday was a great day. It's... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments 29 Jan

The end of January?! How did that happen already. I'm figuring some of you are cheering the end of Dry January? I attempted it. It didn't last. Although there was a level of temperance with only the festive booze finished off and no 'extras' bought, so there was an element of virtuosity. All extra cash... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments

What a crazy month. Literally crazy. I read over the last MMM posted in October and it feels like a year ago.  We've been working on clients jobs, on Moregeous Mansions and during that time got word that the BBC show we contributed to earlier this year had finally got a transmission date. We'd started... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments

The serious look Builder Cat is giving us is indicative of the very challenging week we had here last week at Moregeous Mansions, one which we battled and got through to the end of by the skin of our teeth. We're all guilty of thinking everyone else's lives are so easy and perfect aren't we,... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments

Ola again on a Moregeous Monday! I said last week might be worth missing so high five to those of you who gave it the advised swerve as here at least, it didn't actually exist. Like other normal folk we've actually been doing some summer stuff which isn't even DIY!!! Can you believe it?! Nope,... Continue Reading →

Moregeous Monday Moments

In an alternative universe somewhere, or maybe just in a Russian oligarch's daughter's world, there's a chef under strict instruction to always coordinate stunning food with designer tableware. Such was my delight at the realisation my 'new' rose pink vintage bowls were in fact not rose pink at all but prawn pink, that it made... Continue Reading →

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