Thanks for your interest in working with me / Moregeous Design. Here’s a little more about me, but if you have any other questions or work proposals at all, don’t hesitate to get in touch x

Please note that I don’t take guest posts. Sorry!

If you’re looking for an interior design / building work then please also pop me an email to the below address, and ditto for TV presenting or corporate video work.


  • LADY BUILDER / PROJECT MANAGER  24yrs experience renovating both period and contemporary homes. Started career running a specialist building company, worked on over 220 properties and unusually hands-on expertise in many areas of renovation. Used to bossing trades about and loves doing just that. Practical, hands on knowledge and expertise.
  • INTERIOR DESIGN Regularly works on residential and commercial properties for clients. Re-designs homes from the damp proof course to the soft furnishings and executes complete transformations on realistic budgets. Works on commercial projects for clients such as Triton, Soak Bathrooms and Magnet Kitchens, plus several independent business shop redesigns.
  • RESIDENTIAL LANDLORD Owns & self manages a portfolio of gorgeous rental properties in Manchester, with a super relationship with tenants. Not your usual landlord. 
  • TV EXPERT  Presenter of Channel 5’s Half Built House, lady builder on BBC1’s Getting The Builders In and build project manager for BBC2’s 2019/2020 launch episodes of the virtual reality based BBC2 property series Your Home Made Perfect. 
  • AIRBNB SUPERHOST Runs two gorgeous little Airbnbs in Manchester with over 300 5* reviews 
  • WORKSHOP HOST  We host walking workshops at Moregeous HQ for home renovators, buy to letters and homeowners looking to ignite their interiors mo-jo. As featured in the Sunday Times. “How To Renovate” – self explanatory, and “Getting The Treasure Tingle, a workshop focusing on salvage, upcycling and reclamation.
  • SELF BUILDER Currently rebuilding Moregeous Mansions, our Edwardian home with large new build extension and working hands on to renovate every room.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA Active blogger on trends and How To’s, giving practical advice to other home renovators, reviewing products used. Instagram, Intermittent Tweeter and Facebooker.
  • CHRONIC PAIN  Following a car accident in 2006, sufferer of chronic pain. Deals with flare ups much as deals with builders, i.e. no nonsense and just gets on with it. Frequent & vocal commentator of the injustices faced by those who suffer serious soft tissue injuries and the lack of industry support or proper representation.

  • More interior design work HERE
  • Major channel TV work HERE
  • How To Video’s, Corporate and Collaborations HERE
  • Community and Campaigning, founder at Love Withington Baths HERE

Email : sian@sianastley.com

25 thoughts on “ABOUT & COLLABORATE

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  1. Hey there

    Great blog! I am currently working with a number of home improvement clients on building their web presence. I was wondering if there would be a chance that I could get them included in a blog post on your blog?! We have a team of in house journalists here that I can get to supply you with the article (if I ask super nicely!) and in return, you could provide a link to them?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Keep up the blogging!!


  2. Hey Sian, it’s Gabriella, we met at the Jessie Rose Trip gig.

    I was so overwhelmed by your forward compliments that I honestly couldn’t wait to get home, whiz on my Mac and google your blog. I became even more thrilled when I read through your blog. Just… OMG. Everything you do or have done in the past from interior design, photography and TV presenting its exactly the sort of thing I want to do.
    I’m flattered that a person of your experience spoke to me, it really boost my confidence and has determined me to believe in myself more.

    So cheers m’dear, hope to hear back from you when you get the chance, you being a multi-tasking lady and god knows what else you do!

    Muchos Gracias.
    Gabster x

  3. Hi Gabriella,
    Lovely to hear from you. Quite the reverse, it should be ME impressed with YOU. To be taking shots and looking so professional at last night’s gig, at your age, is phenomenal, super confident. I am looking forward to seeing some of the images you took, make sure you email me soon 🙂
    I felt proud to be a woman to watch you and Jessie Rose last night, her performing and you the photographer, both doing your stuff, fantastic!
    Sian x

    1. Hi Sian watched your prop ladder very impressed we think we will buy up north . Will be in touch if you still have your damp company

  4. Hi Sian

    Just seen you on Property Ladder. Very impressive. I like your styles.
    If you ever need any 3D visuals to see the finished property – interior or exterior before you start spending, give me a shout. My services can save developers a great deal of money and time.

    Kind Regards Nick

  5. Hi Sian, we have been exchanging tweets so i thought i’d drop by an say hi properly!
    You got a link to the property ladder programme? Me & mrs S love watching that programme, i cant remember if we have seen it or not.
    Anyway, will no doubt tweet again….@tiletown

  6. hi sian been trying to contact you but lost your number, its karen from b&q if you still have my number will you please ring me

  7. Just been watching “How To Live With Women” on BBC iPlayer (good show by the way).

    Had to track you down as it was bugging me as I thought I’d seen you somewhere before and then I spotted it on here – Property Ladder!!

    The original is still on 4oD – “Property Ladder Revisted

    Enjoy 🙂

  8. Hi Sian, I came across you and John on BBC2 today. I am about to embark on building work, including making a doorway between two rooms, new kitchen, and garden landscaping. I have experienced ‘cowboy builders’ in the past and so wondered if you had any South Manchester recommendations. Thanks.

    1. Hi Paula, I’m sorry for the delay, I seem to have stopped getting notifications for comments!
      and I’ve been busy with work and haven’t checked! You can contact Jon at Bigg Hands if you google him x

  9. Hello I am about to buy a property but I would like to know how likely it would be to extend an upstairs box bedroom onto the flat roof it sits on – in your experience have you seen this done and would you need planning permission to do this?

    1. It all depends on what is below, who owns it, whether it can take the weight of a new construction, what it overlooks – lots of considerations! Maybe ask your local planning department? Good luck!

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