Lockdown Lives

If you can’t use the time at home during a global pandemic to try something new, when can you eh? Filmed Live on the Make It Moregeous Instagram Monday through Saturday at 1pm here at Moregeous Mansions, the Lunchtime Lives focus on a different subject every day.

The Lives are uploaded to both IGTV and You Tube, for your viewing pleasure. If you’ve nothing better to watch. Or if you are just plain weary of the news x


A tonne of inspiration for renovators, home owners, upcyclers, self builders, and interiors addicts. Cool and affordable home transformation suggestions. ‘Wow’ ideas from here and elsewhere for you to try. A different specialist every Saturday to inspire you to learn something new or make you think in a different way. Inspo to not always fall back on buying ‘new’.


Tips on how to renovate, materials to use and try, mistakes we’ve made here, products we see, ideas we’ve experimented with. Easy renovation recipes for you to try. How to utilise salvage and vintage treasure. How to ‘see’ reclamation in a different way. Build materials and the nod on interior trends. Cooking tips


I’ve always wanted to make ‘content’. Not content paid for by others, in line with others suggestions and ideas, but just about the stuff we do all day every day, and have done for 20yrs. It’s taken a pretty shocking state of world affairs to motivate me to do this. I hope some of the things we talk about motivate you, in these very tough times, to do something positive around your home. Sian x

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