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Here at Moregeous HQ, we offer the UK’s only home-based dedicated renovation and salvage workshops, providing both design, sourcing and hands on practical advice.

How To Renovate” via Airbnb Experiences. 10.30 – 3pm walking workshop with lunch, practical tip on how to best renovate and find your style, project manage your own job, and make these hundreds of decisions. As seen in the Sunday Times “Home” section. The nuts and bolts of a renovation, how things fit together, what works and what doesn’t, the order to do things and how self builds / renovations happen. With a focus on detail and how to achieve an expert finish and how to make your renovation stand out from the crowd. Bring your questions and your plans to ask the expert. Lunch included. £60.

The Treasure Tingle” – Sustainable Salvage To Create Your Unique Home, via Eventbrite. 10am – 5pm, a full day of investigating a unique property to find where and how to use salvage, reclamation, upcycling, charity shop and vintage finds. How to get a bespoke and individual home affordably, using the past to create the future. From bricks to fabric, slates to sofas, tiles to terracotta. Examples and advice throughout the property from a project manager and interior designer with 25yrs experience. Indoor and outdoor design. Demos of how to use paints, finishes and necessary equipment and power tools. Time for Q&A on individual dilemmas. Full details on Eventbrite. Lunch and refreshments. £120.

We are massively excited for 2020. After five years of self building, renovating and interior designing, Moregeous Mansions is packed to the rafters with interior and exterior treasure. Sustainability is, rightly, the buzzword for the future, but buying ‘new’ sustainable products can be pretty costly. We show you how we’ve done it here, what it cost, how difficult or easy it was, and what it looks & feels like.

Alongside sustainability, we all should be looking to make our homes unique and personal to us, not simply following the crowds and Insta-pasting someone else’s style. Making our homes stand out from the crowd and shout out “This is me”. We’ve always used reclaimed materials, decorative salvage and unique pieces for both client design work and on our own projects, and regularly give talks on how home renovators can use these clever techniques to be unique. This approach is joyfully prevalent through Moregeous HQ so we wanted to hold a dedicated day for wannabe salvagers! It covers the big stuff: bricks, slates, setts etc, with pros and cons and things to watch out for, lots of ideas for timber and reclamation, how to use hero items to form a scheme, and also the surprise elements – how to look at things with new eyes and reinvent items to make them your very own. It’s going to be brilliant!!

The Treasure Tingle Workshop Days: BOOK HERE, or specific dates below…

Dates for 2020: Sunday 16 Feb, Sat 4 April (sold out), Sat 18 April, Sat 30 May, Sat 27 June, Sat 15 August, Sat 12 September, Sat 24 October.


“Sian is a property & interiors expert with 25yrs experience, full of bold and innovative ideas often implemented for her own and client schemes on a budget. She’s had her own show on Channel 5 “Half Built House”, was one of the BBC’s “Getting The Builders In” for Autumn 2017 and the series build project manager for 2019/2020’s BBC2’s “Your Home Made Perfect”. With expertise covering everything from damp proofing to upholstery and wallpapering to kitchen layouts, she’s run a specialist building company and self manages 17 rental properties. Bring your property questions, plans and conundrums along!

Martin, aka Mr Moregeous, is Si’s right hand man. 30yrs a fireman with 18yrs immersed in property, he’s the man who can, and does. As everyone on social media knows, he’s nothing short of a machine.”

Pics of Sian Astley and husband Martin in Fallowfield, Manchester Pic copyright Phil Tragen


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“Interior design ideas abound inside, with amazing tips on creating storage, personalising your home, sourcing unique buys, making trends your own and not following the herd.The nuts and bolts are covered here too. Everything from putting in steels to clever framework, reclaiming materials and reusing salvage, future proof insulating to what you should do yourself, and what you should avoid. And, how to live with no hot water or heating for a year. Without killing each other. Garden questions like pollinator friendly planting, personalising your outdoor space, how to design seating areas, creating the ultimate terrace, what paints to use and nailing exterior design on a budget, are all here at Moregeous Mansions.Where?
The Experience is held at our Edwardian home in Manchester, with lunch eaten outside if the weather is good, which obviously, it always is in Manchester ;-)”



What are you waiting for….. get your tickets and we’ll see you soon 🙂


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