PLEASE NOT HERE : I got waylaid on TV work so this page is somewhat behind. Someday soon I’ll update it, you know, maybe when there’s a global pandemic and I get a bit of spare time….

Like most people who self build and do the work themselves, our renovation hasn’t been completed in record time and on budget, though our sanity still intact, of a fashion. I run a full time business – property rentals and interior design & consultancy – so we fit in working on our Edwardian renovation and recent kitchen extension when we can, adding detail room by room as we work to completion.

For years this was a chaotic, tumbling down, decrepit but beautifully eclectic, character filled, period house. It’s still chaotic, but no longer falling down. It now has warm rooms, an almost finished living space and at least we now have a shower after a year going round to my dad’s to shower! Living in army field kitchen conditions is our new normal, what will it feel like to have a new kitchen I wonder?!

Here are some How To’s and Tip posts which fellow renovators might find useful x

Reveal : The Moregeous Terrace: HERE

Reveal: The Moregeous Dining Room: HERE

How To Work Out The Perfect Tile Pattern HERE

How To Use Peelaway Paint Remover on Timber Arcs HERE

Using Fibre Wallpaper To Deal With Cracked Plaster HERE

How To Copy Original Skirtings and Mouldings HERE

The Difference between Farrow & Ball and Copy Paints HERE

Going Dark On Wooden Window Frames (with video) HERE

Repairing My Plaster Cornice (with video) HERE

Laying Underfloor Heating On Joists in Our Edwardian Home HERE

Creating My Bee Wall HERE

How To Source Mature Planting For Your Garden HERE

Tweeting Corner Seating With Scaffolding Boards HERE

Making Your Home More Eco-Friendly HERE

Choosing Between Gas & Induction Cooking HERE

The Reality of Doorless Loo Sharing Reno’s HERE

How To Design A Small Bathroom HERE

My Guide To Choosing A Wood Burning Stove HERE

A Renovators Guide to Rewiring HERE

#72 Vaulted Ceiling Anyone? HERE

#71 Si’s Top DIY Tips When Fixing Suspended Timber Floor HERE

#70 Floor Collapse Imminent HERE

#69 A Little Fireplace Hex Love HERE

#68 Installing A DIY Water Main HERE

#67 Taking It From The Top HERE

#66 A Touch of Porch Stripping HERE

#65 Replacing An Edwardian Oriel Window With A Contemporary Frame HERE

#64 Forming A Frame Around Brickwork Using Plasterboard HERE

#63 How To Expose Bare Brick In A Period Property HERE


#62 The Salvaged Wallpaper Sections HERE

#61 Specifying Exposed Brickwork – Where & Why HERE

#60 Contemporary Garage Door In A Period Property HERE

#59 How To Save Original Edwardian / Victorian Wallpaper HERE


#58 How to create an indoors Argentinian Asado HERE 

#57 Choosing and fitting my Superglass sound insulation rolls HERE

#56 The Express Bi-folding doors go in! HERE

#55 The finished dormers in Color Coat Urban Anthracite HERE


#54 All the niggly jobs just before the scaffold comes down! HERE

#53 The cladding goes on HERE

#52 How to choose the best cladding for your dormer HERE

#51 How to create a fabulous box brick wall HERE


#50 My tips for specifying & prepping timber windows HERE

#49 The one where it snows IN the house! HERE

#48 Choosing a garage door – practical AND gorgeous HERE

#47 Surprise visit by a previous owner! HERE 


#46 A January round up : HERE 

#45 Leaks, roofing and a no cooking Christmas : HERE

#44 Making everywhere toasty with Kingspan insulation HERE 

#43 Linking the extension to the main house HERE

#42 Windows…plastic fantastic or terrific timber? HERE


#41 It’s the final Daddy Dormer time : HERE

#40 Tile treasure & creating a temporary Psycho bedroom : HERE

#39 Roof Yoga & finding some ‘me’ space : HERE


#38 Dyeing my mortar deep grey with Sika Cement Dye : HERE

#36 Strengthening roofing mortar with Chembond’s polypropylene fibres : HERE

#37 It looks like a house! HERE

#35 Ridges, Reclamation and Rubbin’ HERE

#34 A Rainy Mid-Way Panoramic HERE

#33 Disaster! Bog Off deal on Dormers anyone? HERE

#32 How to source and decide on reclaimed roof slates HERE


#31 Getting watertight with breathable membrane HERE

#30 Going potty for my chimney pots HERE

#29 Half way through the external build HERE

#28 The one where I need an operation half way through a massive refurb! HERE


#27 A workshop viewable from space! HERE

#26 Jumping Junipers, I’ve got a Jet Floor HERE

#25 Getting Builder Cat in as I need a renovation too HERE

#23 Inspired by an extraordinary brick wall HERE

#22 Chopping up the central core HERE

#21 Not just one but TWO knock throughs HERE


#20 Finding a gorgeous cast iron Scotia fireplace on my doorstep! HERE

#19 Specifying the perfect solid floor to solve high heating bills in a period property HERE

#18 : Old Kitchens, don’t scrap ’em, sell ’em HERE

#17 : Brickwork, Wonuts and Tony’s Got Talent HERE

#16 : The mystery of the disappearing drains  HERE


#15 : Digger Driving, not normally a job for pussy cats HERE

#14 : Concrete and Calamari, the perfect combo! HERE

#13 : Potential bad luck which we don’t need so I left this one out 😉

#12 : Builder Cat and the Big Boys Toys HERE

#11 : Cluedo Murder: Mr M in the Garden, with a Reclaimed Brick HERE

#10 Dirt, Dust & Dropping a Chimney HERE

#9 : Up on the Scaffolding in Onesies HERE


#8 : The Detailed House Layout Plans HERE

#7 : Bertha’s Builder Breakfast & Works Commence

#6 : Moregeous Mansions West Wing Revealed HERE

#5.5 : Fab Shipping Container Storage with Sally at Storebox HERE

#5 : Solving the Moregeous Mansions Layout Challenge

#4 : Starting to Create a Home in a Home HERE


#3 : Moregeous Mansions – The Original / Current Layout

#2 : Our Lovely but Battered Home – An External View HERE 

#1 : How I First Fell in Love with a Grubby, Rented Beauty HERE 


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