Moregeous Monday Moments

I feel like I live in a recycling centre. There's cardboard everywhere: lights in boxes, tiles in boxes, fabric in boxes and not a moment spare to get all this delicious stuff on the actual walls. We've been away filming so much that poor old Moregeous Mansions isn't exactly progressing at warp speed but we can... Continue Reading →

Wanna See My (Nearly) Naked Corbel?

12 midnight. 12 MIDNIGHT! He'd been zedding for two hours by the time I finished sorting my poor broken corbel, but I definitely went to bed a happy stripper. Whilst we were taking apart Moregeous Mansions ready to be rebuilt again, one of the hallway corbels, a gorgeous original plaster wall feature, had literally dropped... Continue Reading →

Update: The Bathhouse Project

Everyone loves a good project right, but how would you feel about about a super sized room in super high temperatures on a super tight time scale! Let me tell you none of those things are putting us or the heritage Withington Baths' staff off, oh no. They/re made of tough Northern stuff here. Let's take a... Continue Reading →

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