Your Home Made Perfect

Series Build Project Manager 2018-2020

BBC2 & Remarkable TV’s “Your Home Made Perfect

Sian is the launch series build project manager for the ground breaking virtual reality and hit architecture series “Your Home Made Perfect” for prime time BBC2.

This involved 18 months of organisation, liaison, communication, design, specification and practical assistance on the 15 ambitious renovations across the UK. Responsibilities for liaison between production company, architects, builders, associated property professionals and clients. Assistance for homeowners on design decisions, dealing with builders, site queries, practical decision making, product specification, interiors & build questions and, where necessary, practical help. Some specific examples outline below.

Contact for reference : Joff Wilson, Remarkable Productions.

St Albans

Specification of flooring to hallway, kitchen & extension; wallpapering to cloakroom, lighting specification, design & decor to bathroom, design and build of scaffold shelving and birch lighting feature.


Specification of rooflights, flooring, lighting, cladding and decor. Design and installation of feature timber wall. Full redecoration. Design & install to framed wallpapered wall.


Specification and delivery of paint colours, porcelain tiled flooring, iroko windows, worktops, sink, taps and assistance with other decisions. Full builders clean and redecoration.


Specification of bifolds, worktops, sink, tap, LED lighting and wallpaper. Assistance with problems left by builders, such as over large pillar central to the room, design of oak table. DIY lessons with homeowner 😉

To be continued……

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  1. Hi I absolutely love your programme. I have a small two bdroom bungalow in Derbyshire and I am in desperate need of more organisation and dont know where to start. I would love to be on your show.

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