Release your media strumpet

It’s always the way. You do the shoot, think the house (and you) looked good, they wrap and go and it’s only then you then A) see the great dirty bloody mark on the wall or the lettuce in your teeth and B) start worrying about what you said and how it will be quoted. So you await the printed article with a degree of trepidation. Just done the said shoot and now all of the above apply.
Also just met with builder to get an all-in quote on refurb of my house and the Golden Project, such a fabulous time to get anything built, labour cheap and materials plentiful, but no bleedin money from the bank!!
Ummed and ahhhed recently about paying £100 to join an TV Experts website, finally went for it and am impressed, got a call from a Telegraph journo and also from BBC Birmingham about a possible new show. Most of these calls come to nothing, the fickleness of the media, but you never know. I’ve been self employed since 1996, and this whole internet thang still amazes me, now, if you start a business, or are trying to promote yourself in any way, you HAVE to play the game and be an internet spod, go on release your inner media strumpet, you know you want to!  

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