And now its the turn of the NHS..

So, I have a weird & slightly swollen finger for a few weeks, & maybe its a chilblain (had one on my toe at Xmas). But it doesn’t get better, so go to the docs on Monday. Tell her it is v sore, itching, more are appearing on fingertips. GP gives it a fairly cursory look & says yup its a chilblain, have some anti-inflammatorys. £7.50. 

Other half not happy, go to NHS drop in centre. 1hr later, whoah, say the nurseman, thats a big infection, get down to the hospital. 2hrs later, na, says the doctor, its a chilblain, take a bit of Piriton, it’ll be fine.
Two days later, can’t touch anything, up all night, finger like a balloon, more lesions appearing on fingers, plus rash like chicken pox.
Back to docs. Jesus, he says, no way is that a chilblain, bad infection (er, could you tell your fellow GP in next room, I think, who said the total opposite on Monday??) two lots of antibiotics for you. And worse, no drinking alcohol!!!
You have to love the NHS.

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