Snood Lights – Refresh your halogen spotlights

I loved these new lights seen at Birminhgam, so innovative, and I’m sure they will be everywhere soon. 

They are available at Laura Ashley, I was told, though that may still be in the pipeline.

They are called Snood, and are magnetic, so if you have a whole load of boring halogen spots, and you fancy changing the mood of the room without great expense, just pop one of these up against the light fitting, and hey presto, its a makeover!

3 thoughts on “Snood Lights – Refresh your halogen spotlights

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  1. I have had these light fittings for about four years – been trying to find more and it has proven to be very dificult. Found some on Amazon recently but they didn’t have the stock the site said they had. If you know where I can buy six of the one called ‘Caitlyn’ I would very much like to know.

  2. Not sure where you are but I have found this brand of lights recently at RONA – a canadian home depot store. They actually have 2 on order for me.Good luck!

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