Sumptuous shopping at the Coach House

Back in January Homesmine did some filming at Birmingham Interiors, which was fab. Not as ott as previous years, pared down for the economic tightening of belts, but interesting and inspirational nonetheless. One stand I found myself wandering round stood out more than most, a company i’ve never heard of called Coach House, and I was stunned to find they were based in Accrington. I’m from that area, and their lights have been well and truly hidden under the Lancashire bushel, no-one I know had ever heard of them. And they are massive!

The stand was gorgeous, full of fabulous room sets, stylishly decorated and rammed with all sorts of goodies.
Anyway, I finally found time on Friday to go up there for a quick hour at the end of the day, and found an Aladdins Cave of treats to furnish Projects Lennon and Cathedral. I haven’t been doing much physical stuff due to the mysterious hand problems I have (now thought to be Lyme Disease urghh sounds hideous tests tmw) , but all their stuff comes ready assembled and ready to go. Just need to whittle down my choices now, but the black velvet chesterfield is a definite on the list!

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