Too stressed for words

Totally boring day in Hope with the Daily Mail, last week’s National Enquirer and the rheumatologist eventually refusing to do a biopsy until the blood results come back. And telling me all about Lyme like an expert even though he kept calling it Lymes Disease. Gives you such faith. But he did ask me to come back for an echogram and 24hr scan thingy as apparently I have a heart murmur. M was just surprised that they’d found one. Heart not murmur. I was just pleased to be out for The Apprentice, though the first ep was a bit lame, didn’t the bootee have a very odd squashed up face? Anyhow.

Not feeling up to work, so went to watch C’s school team play at a tournament up at Blackburn Rovers, but they are nice boys, far too nice for the terrier roughness of 5-a-side, and the ragmuffin City side won (very scary parents, boys likely to turn out much the same, hard to tell men from women, most had teeth missing).
Ordered furniture from Coach House then spent 2hrs stressing that I had spent too much, and should have gone to Ikea.
Still no sign of loan from the IBS.
700 trillion emails to go through.
All contracts to do. Still.
Still opening post from 2 weeks ago.
Oh god.

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