The NatWest come up ‘trumps’?

Finally the re-finance has come through, what was once so easy eh?!

I wonder how long it’s going to be like this and how many people will continue to get the hell out of the property game as it becomes harder and harder to make a living?
Hands and knees time today, cleaning up the hallways of one of the blocks after the building work to Projects Lennon and Cathedral. 3 new lots of girls in, to add to the three lots of girls already in, a totally female block which is a first. And all scrubbed up and clean now. 
Have finally got the appointment through for NMcr, specialists, one week early 1 May. Who knows what they will find! Some weird and wonderfully unusual ailment no doubt, which I’ve never heard of.
And now busy paying the bills which have been accruing. I HATE not paying bills on time. I know that it’s an art form for some people, but it’s something I loathe, makes me lose sleep. If companies and people paid their bills on time and without quibble, the world would be a better place. Sainsbury’s don’t let you take your groceries away and then pay in a month, two months, three months, why should anyone else??
All made much brighter by this glorious weather, long may it last!

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