Tattoing Dinnerware with Ink Dish

Loving this dinnerware by www.inkdish.com, and their comment that they want to create the type of dinnerware which wouldn’t appeal to your nan.

They work out of California but their dinnerware is available in the UK ( Debenhams?!), and I came across it as a friend of a friend works with them. 
They have some new designs in the pipeline at the moment, and having had a sneak preview, you’ll want to lick the plate clean to get a good look.

“Blending art and tattooing in a harmonious mix, Ink Dish Design unveil their first collection of tableware, created in conjunction with leading tattoo artist Paul Timman.
Paul is one of the giants of the tattoo industry and his art adorns the bodies of such Hollywood celebrities as Drew Barrymore and Angelina Jolie. Now Ink Dish are bringing his extensive expertise, in tribal and Japanese design, to glass and porcelain.
This inaugural collection is based on the Japanese style of tattooing known as Irezumi. Vibrant dragons, colorful Koi, cherry blossoms, and waves weave together organically, blending this ancient style of tattooing into a dinnerware design.
While the design is edgy in its origin, it echoes traditional Asian china in its feel. The muted blues are delicate enough to present a very powerful image in a decor friendly way.
Ink Dish Design was born out of a gap in the market for young, urban professionals who are making steps on the property ladder and looking to invest in edgy, fashionable tableware that is priced affordably.
According to research conducted by the company, the overwhelming response from participants was that they wanted tableware to be fresh, contemporary and reflecting their tastes in fashion, music and pop culture; and not something that their parents or grandparents would suggest.”

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