Looking to your pocket time at Project BB

It’s really funny how everyone’s approach has changed so radically, people are really having to look to their own pockets, and see what’s actually there, before they make any decisions. Primarily because unlike in recent years, you can’t just spend it then get it from the mortgage/back/credit card. Me included. Tenants have moved out of Project BB, which is the first one I ever bought to rent out. Looking at it now, I cannot believe it wasn’t rewired, and I didn’t strip off the quite hideous bobbly wallpaper, but it’s not possible to do it now due to lack of funds, and so a bit of imagination is required. It didn’t help that the 3 girls who moved out, although doctors in training left the place in such a state that the environmental health were almost called. Ok, thats a bit of an exaggeration, but it was stinky pete, and with an insanitary fridge, floors and windows black with grime and mould, and a patched up bathroom, some action was needed or it would never rent out, and that means £850 down every month.

So a huge clean up operation, repainting, re-tiling the bathroom and a new kitchen worksurface required. Plus new doors to replace the old 50’s glass ones, grim and not very elf and safety conscious. And all on a budget. 
It looks ok from the agents pictures above but they were taken 3yrs ago…..

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