A bit of rubber brightens a rainy afternoon

Oops. Got a phone call from Hope Hospital, had I forgotten to take back the heart monitor. Buggar, I knew there was something.

Popped it back en route to Lightbox in Manchester to use up a voucher for some wall lights, it’s a wonder they let me, as the return was from Jan 08. Wasn’t dated though, so I guess they had to. It’s getting a bit boring in there, Lightbox I mean, same stock as ages ago, not very inspirational. 
Also had to whizz back to Habitat, liked this display…..
and these candles, almost good enough to eat…
And so to the rubber! I’ve been asked to quote for the refurbishment of a hallway to a residential block of flats. I’ve not taken much (any!) contracts on this last few months due to this annoying Lyme problem, but things are looking up now, and it’s back to work. The tenants have made a terrible mess of the carpets and walls, stubbing their ciggies out and throwing drinks everywhere, so save evicting the lot of them, all 12 flights of stairs will need eventually need to be retiled using something hard wearing, durable and cost effective, staring with the first five floors immediately. I’ve seen lots of rubber flooring, but all with those round raised dots on them, so did a bit of internet sourcing, and found Sam the rubber man, from The, wait for it, Rubber Flooring Company. It appears there are lots of designs, it’s just that everyone specifies the stuff with round raised dots on it! They’ve just launched a collaboration with Wayne and Geraldine Hemingway  (ex Red Or Dead) now designers extraordinaire, and these are the tiles:

The grid pattern is urban, contemporary and evocative of the New York street blocks. Great for a city centre apartment block. And the tenants can’t ruin it, perfect!
The only downside….. got a parking ticket, dammit they’re fast.

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