Haggling at B&Q and Lush Living Etc paints

Project Ballbrook is almost complete, a quick tickle of a rental flat which has turned into a newly tiled bathroom, full redecoration, new kitchen work tops and lots of added bits, sorely needed in what had become an unrentable apartment. Well, unrentable at a decent price, and some of the would be tenants who viewed and didn’t take it made me embarrassed. Yes, it was filthy after the dirty doctors but it still needed doing.

The living room needed a mirror, and also another pot of the I-wanna-be-Hoppen Rum Caramel 1 for the kitchen doors, though I keep calling it Rum Truffle, which does suit it far more. So it was off to B&Q. Ikea’s mirrors are rubbish at the moment, and the budget dictates no splashing out. Pleasantly surprised, some very acceptable mirrors, including the last of these ones called Aztec, for no other good reason than they have three steps in the oak frame, bit tenuous I thought. Unwrapped and a bit bashed about though, fine for a rental so a bit of haggling was called for. They offered 10&% off. Not good enough. Wouldn’t leave the till until the very amused cashier had rung the only manager 3 times and got her down to 25% off. Was very funny. 10% was a rubbish discount though.
Aforementioned mirror up, great for £30!
My problem is not knowing when to stop. I was then found in the decorating aisles drooling in a lustful fashion over the new Living Etc range of paints. First time I’d seen the range, created as a collaboration with Craig & Rose, so the quality is bound to be great, I’ve used lots of their paints in the past.

Who could resist names like Siren, Love Letter, Rush Hour and Plimsoll?! How great would a job be at that magazine, brainstorming cool tags for stylish shades? I met Suzanna Imre, the editor, once at Chelsea Harbour, she was lovely, very friendly, and open to everyone’s questions and interior-obsessed harrassment.

And then a question from M stopped me in my emulsion frenzied tracks. Will painting the living room wall “Wasabi” make the flat more rentable? Buggar. Of course it wouldn’t. So I left the store with £19.95 still in my pocket but slightly dejected. I hate this credit crunch 🙂

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