Get the Mosst out of your showering experience

From a little surf on the web, Swiss designer Nguyen La Chanh’s shower mat made from ball, island and forest moss is the bathroom equivalent of Marmite – some people love it for it’s green credentials, soft underfoot feel and total originality, other freak out at stepping onto a living something after they’ve gotten all clean in the shower, and are unconvinced as to the mat’s cleanliness and durability. 

I adore it, and the designer is adamant there is no soil or dirt required, just water. I reckon if you care for it as you would any other living plant in your house, it’d feel fab to step out onto after a shower, like walking on soft grass.
Not so sure if you have heavy footed boys in the house – maybe it should be confined to a luxury ensuite 😉
She’s estimating it’ll be around £220 if she can get it mass produced, so you’d better have green fingers, or toes, and make sure you look after it – a £2.99 fern from Ikea it ain’t!
Loving his very compact and stylish herb wheel, the Tasty Frame too.

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