Gorgeous showers……

My shower is a disgrace. Hang on , I’ll just go take a picture.

I don't need to turn the shower on, I just cry when I get in this hideousness and add soap.
I don't need to turn the shower on, I just cry when I get in this hideousness and add soap.

See. Moved into this house, ex student accomodation 3 years ago, just after I’d had a car accident and done my back in, so what with that and then the credit crunch precisely nothing has been done to the whole house.

There was so much silicone filling holes and gaps, that it was already black with condensation, which doesn’t even bleach off. Never use more silicone in a shower than absolutely essential, it always goes black, despite what it says on the tube. That and three males who never leave the shower door open to air it, despite threats of death. I give up.

We keep planning to do our own house, then another tenant leaves, and work (and money) is needed to do that up, etc etc etc.

So when I see gorgeous showers like this super slim, cool rain shower from Abode  – http://www.abodedesigns.co.uk/, I start dreaming of a a better place to wash. Quite nice these showers – can be wall mounted which is a bonus especially on a refurb where you can’t get a ceiling mounted one in, or where the ceilings too high and you still want that rain shower look.

originalThey come with a 5 year warranty too –  this is something which should be made law. No more 12 month or 2 ys warranties on electrical items, everything should be 5 to ten years. I’m bloody sick of buying stuff for the flats which breaks within months. If manufacturers worldwide were made to give proper warranties and guarantees, we’d end up with better products, less waste and a much smaller pile of thrown away electrical goods. Rant rant.

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