Whoo hoo flats let, a good day!

Two flats empty at the moment, one more coming on. One’s a one bed which has been occupied for almost five years continuously, so it’s a bit tired; the other, well, its just very small. The sort of flat sold in the City five years back for £200k and the Mail ran an article called “The £200k Walk-in-wardrobe”

IMG_7678Reduced the latter to £350 to get shot, but the market is quiet. All those splitting up couples who need somewhere to crash for six months are staying together, people aren’t moving for new jobs (cause there ain’t any) and singles are moving back in with others.

I can’t really do much with the small one, it’s about as funky as it can be and still be practical, but the one bed has been revamped. Had to be v sensible, and use up paint I already had, so the Opulence Champagne would not have been my first choice, howvere, its done two coats, and look fine enough to have secured a tenant last night. Result. Same rent as last year £525, though I am doing a bit of a discount for a 12 month tenancy. And she seems lovely. Works for the NHS.

Another public sector worker!!!

I have various paperwork battles today; legal stuff for my whiplash claim, financial stuff for the Crete apartment, photocopying for the Financial Ombudsman for the dodgy endowment. Oh joy. The stitches have healed up nicely on the butchered finger though, so am a little less incapacitated. Not capacitated enough to start up a carpet cleaner though, the type of job M just loves, he looked so delighted when I asked him to pick one up to clean all the rugs which have been dumped in the Cellar of Hell, and even more chuffed when I said we’d to go back to Ikea (visit 6 in a week).

But at least the sun is peeping through, wonder if we’ll get another slice of summer??

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