Menthol in the face – not a good idea….

What a day.

Tiles needed for Pjt Deano, of course, as ever, didn’t have enough so a run up the M60 required as only B&Q Trafford had the right batch number. The hall and kitchen are looking FAB, and the tiles are only the polished porcelain cheapies from B&Q, £10 per m2, they go really well with the work surface and white Ikea kitchen.

Who knew getting a loft hatch could be such a trauma, so typical that the gap I have could not be 1150 – 1200mm like most readily available, oh no, it had to be no more than 1100mm in length, because the suspended timber ceiling it’s fitting in is only just over this width. On and off the phone to Buildbase, B&Q, Stax, Walsh’s, and no-one would commit and say that yes, you can alter ours a bit to make it fit, instead everyone was oh no, you won’t get the guarantee if you alter it. Buggar the guarantee, I just want a loft ladder and hatch which will go in by crook or by slighty amended crook!

Eventually went over and measured the one from Stax we fitted at Deano’s. It came in at 111o, just 1omm too big, so I figure with a bit of joist chiselling, we’ll get it in. We better had. And as ever, as I came out of Stax with the said very heavy loft ladder it started to rain. Roped a kind man on a fag break into getting it into my car for me. Loft hatch now in hallway awaiting insertion tomorrow so the tenant can finally utilise all the mezzanine level storage I’d been promising her. Bad landlady, bad bad landlady.

Major traumas with the new shower rooms for the rentals as a stud wall was built as specified…. but in the wrong one of the two flats. Doh!!! Now, I once had a ‘discussion’ with someone famous – ok I admit it again, it was another argument with Sarah Beeny 🙂 – when she accused me of thinking on my feet. Like that was a bad thing. The ability to think on your feet is a prerequisite for working in property and refurbs, because nothing EVER goes to plan. Rather than take the stud out it was easier to have a bit of a juggle and swap the cubicles round – one is a 100o wide door only, and one is a full cubicle with end panel. Job done, builders happy, tiling has started. Bloody good job really as the tenant is supposed to be moving into one of them on Saturday morning, and I got slightly carried away with cleaning the tiles in the fireplace. In that I removed them completely. Before you start bleating about original features, everyone of them was cracked and damaged, and they weren’t even stuck down. Plus they were green and mustard. Original smiginal, they were minging. And whilst the tiler was in the bathroom of this flat, with a mix on, I figured he may as well do an extra metre in the fireplace in the living room!

And to round off quite a hectic day (which also involved big bust ups at home – largely due to the huge financial pressures at the moment, isn’t it fun when that happens, dontcha love the credit crunch!!) above are a couple of beauty products in my collection…. guess which one of these remarkably similarly topped products I just sprayed all over my face in an attempt to pamper and de-stress??!! Clearly NOT the organic facial mist, but the it’ll burn your face off and sting like buggary foot spray. A facebook friend commented I may get Athlete’s Face…..

Juice Beauty is a lush range of products, when you do manage to use them and not foot spray – they are at

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