Blinds up, bathroom finished; landlords don’t have birthdays!!

Another busy day… lovely hotel style shower room finished to replace the hideous and endlessly problematic bathroom which was there before. Below is the view to where the old cistern boxing off was: the huge copper tank which took ages to heat up and was very inefficient has been removed and replaced by a small hot water heater (see previous blog!). The bath has gone, so a much small literage of water is required for the basins in the kitchen and bathroom, hence not needing a whopping great cistern anymore. The electric shower runs off a cold feed so not hot water required there.

Much much better, should have done it in the first place, but was a newby landlord and didn’t figure that all my tenants would be happy with showers only in these smaller apartments. Better to have  a small but well designed shower room with lots of space in it, than the same space with a bath crammed in. It was the cistern which took up all the room, and when I did this room 5 years ago I hadn’t found the under sink water heaters. You live, you learn.

Never again am I buying metal Ikea venetian blinds, they are a NIGHTMARE to clean. It’s all very amusing putting them in a bath and giving them a good soak, but they bend and twist and damage so easily. Timber only from now on.

In the last image you can see the timber blind which is too big for the window opening, but a good sharp pair of tin snips cuts right through the slats once they are in place – you’ve to cut the top down with a metal hacksaw first and the bottom thicker slat with a saw.

We had so many good intentions today, as it’s M’s birthday – to finish early, for me to take it easy, grab a tea-time glass of wine, and then head off  for tapas in Didsbury – no such luck!!  Instead an 8pm finish and a delicious Laughing Buddha takeaway, ahhhh the life of a landlord, put up and shut up I think they call it.

Gotta say, my best landlord birthday ever was last year, finding a tenant deceased in one of my flats. Father RipRap still hasn’t recovered. I don’t think there will ever be a birthday morning which involves SOCA again, well, I hope not!!

And a new project today, more on that tomorrow…….

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