The World’s Best Oven Rack Cleaner – Thanks Lakeland!

Cleaning oven racks is just as important as baking the perfect a la Nigella cupcake, don’t you know. Being a domestic goddess ain’t all sugar coated frosting and Cath Kidston aprons. Actually it’s got nothing to do with Domestic Goddessery and everything to do with tenants thinking that it isn’t really their responsibility to ever clean the inside of their ovens, the little buggars. There are companies who’ll come out and clean your oven for about £40 and they do an excellent job, but at the current time (financial crisis anyone?) this is not an option, so it’s Mr Muscle and my new find which I am officially and utterly IN LOVE WITH – the Lakeland Oven Mate Cleaning kit.

It distressed me to the nth degree to spend my Saturday painting gel on manky, fat-coated steel, but such is the life of a landlord. At least it didn’t require the need for any elbow grease, scouring or real effort and a glass of wine could be consumed whilst my new find worked it’s magic.

Just need to add a clause in the contracts regarding cleaning oven trays now. And I really should think about advertising for tenants who only eat delivery pizza. I had one guy who live in a flat for two years,  and when he moved out and we did the clean, I opened the oven door and the foam blocks were still holding the racks in place. Couldn’t believe it. Top marks to him, could’ve kissed him. Thought thinking about it, he did use the bath as a bidet, so I take that kiss right back.

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