Back to the office now the quick bedroom makeover’s complete.

Sparkly after!
Sparkly after!
Rather drab before
Rather drab before

I feel quite depressed about how little change there looks on the pictures! Full re-paint, coving, picture rail, skirtings, ceiling, all walls; sensibly stuck to overcoating the matt white and natural wicker with Vanilla White and Pale Walnut as already had this paint, plus re-used a twinkly John Lewis light left over from a house make-over. It looks a hundred times better in the flesh, though, the picture doesn’t do how much brighter the room looks justice at all.

I hope the tenant loves it, she stayed out for the night as it took a day and a half to do, and there are still little niggles like a second coat on the door frames but just ran out of time. It’s the summer holidays and M’s youngest son is with us so it’s not fair on them both to have no quality time and all that. Though I do think he has a great time lolling around with Rip Rap and the Play Station and FB when we have to go out. Plus he got to have the forbidden MacDonalds today, and is getting taken to United Valencia tomorrow, so he ain’t so hard done by. I have been a shockingly bad stepmother this week, Si’s cafe has been closed for business, not a waffle or pudding in sight. Sometimes life, work, co-codamol and stress just get in the way of that Little House on the Prairie vibe to the kitchen. But I’m sure it’s the same for mums too.

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