Thieves in the garden, paperwork and still no Ikea drawers!

There was a funny yellow thing in the sky when I first woke up this morning, but it soon went away so panic over, it’s all grey again now. Just found out from Rip Rap that some sad loser has tried to dig up my two teak tables from the garden at Burton Road even though they were cemented in. So they’ve broken both tables, pulled up the concrete and generally caused a days worth of mess to re-cement. Give me the strength to get through the day someone. Mr Moregeous has dug the bases in so deep now it’d take the Incredible Hulk to dig em up…..

I’ve spent the morning doing figures and accounts for Project Deano, must get some images uploaded! I just love working on figures, it’s my most favourite thing in the whole world. Not. The intense joy of looking at an original quote, adding in 765 receipts, working out what was original and what was extra, what was imperative, what was just to better the house, who’s been paid what, what’s still outstanding, and how little you’ve earned for how much work. Such fun. God, I’m a miserable cow, think I need a ho….hol….ho…., nope I can’t even manage to say the word anymore.

More dire news on BBC breakfast about Lloyds, yet they say house prices are going up. I wish they’d make their bleedin minds up about this recession. It feels never ending from my perspective, and yet still the spin. It’s so dullsville and traps you into stagnation, this being wary of making a move or making a decision. Like everything has ground to a halt and the kick start is still in the dim and distant future.

Called Ikea to try and track down my errant drawer fronts, and a very sweet but persistently evasive customer service girl really didn’t want to give me any information or any idea when they would be resent out to me. They have been here, twice, but I wasn’t in, then they hid them at one of the 3 local post office depots to me, then sent them back to Ikea. I offered to go get them from Warrington, but that would have been far to easy, as they are now in Peterborough. All she could do was send an email and tell me someone would call me today. She promised. Hmmmm.

Red Bull count 6 between us, 16.30pm.

But the day is getting better, my little beauty has passed her MOT.

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