Liner Luxe – into the bathroom with an Art Deco feel

And so into the bathroom, currently…….not so luxurious. Not even a bather with the most rampant imagination would want to imagine having a laxy lux bathe in this room, sipping a cocktail and soaking their cares away.

What transformation does the client want…..

  • An Art Deco feel, to sit accurately with the 1930’s style of the property; this is important to her. Some clients are happy to erase the historical relevance of a property by reinventing the interior, especially if there are few original features left at the house, and that can work wonderfully, but here the detail of the period is important and must be reflected.
  • A glamorous but still practical vibe; somewhere to luxuriate in the bath, or fire away the stresses of the day with a powerful shower. The room is easily big enough to fit a separate cubicle as long as we move the WC a touch to the right.
  • Basin with traditional pedestal, enough storage for towels and toiletries, an old fashioned chrome and enamel towel rail, warmth underfoot (underfloor heating?).
  • Classic materials which are hard wearing and timeless. Limestone may not have been used inside many 1930’s homes when they were first constructed, but the material is evocative of many of the period’s important architectural buildings, and we could easily recreate that feel using pale ceramic tiles.
  • And last but not least, lose the hideous Swedish ceiling!!

Most bathroom manufacturers produce Art Deco style taps and the more traditional basins and WC’s typical of the era. We went to see bathroom guru Graham today, and I had to smile at how it’s now less easy to get traditionally styled items than it is to get funky contemporary ones. I used to get soooo frustrated at the lack of choice I had for the latter, and now just five years later it’s exactly the opposite.

Found lots of goodies perfect for the style we need, now it’s down to me to get the best prices possible and asap as first fix in is exactly 48hrs.

It’s been a very busy Monday, god, I hope the rest of the week isn’t like this. Attempted a Hatha Yoga class yesterday, my back has been laughing at me hysterically for 24hrs now as I gingerly walk about, I used to laugh at people who did Hatha, calling it Pensioner’s Yoga. This bad back has put paid to that, serves me right for being so condescending! ๐Ÿ™‚

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