Luscious wallpaper covered lights at love-frankie

Surfing Ebay as not quite ready to crash, came across a wallpaper I blogged about a few months ago – Pip by Brian Yates – wrapped quite deliciously around a light shade. It is such a shame my stalker bought this paper once she’d seen my blog, I would have quite like to have used it but now totally can’t. Still, doesn’t stop the print being luscious.

!!d9K!!Q!3U~$(KGrHgoOKiEEjlLmgM5VBKReZc75fQ~~_7I think they must buy the wallpaper they fall in love with, then create the shades using the wall paper and fabric edging? or maybe it’s all fabric? Too late  at night to investigate, but a fab idea whichever it is.


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