A new approach to beeping smoke alarms?

All the flats are full now, thank goodness, so it’s a little less pressure on me and on finances. It’s been such a topsy turvy start to the year, with tenants in and out and all making huge life changes, but it seems to have settled down a bit in the last few weeks. It isn’t difficult to confuse Rip Rap (dad and caretaker) and he’s still calling tenants by the names of the people who were in two years ago.

A new tenant on the ground floor, below dad, moved in two weeks ago, up from London to work locally (NHS – more public sector!). The first night one of the other tenants came home roaring drunk and had a blazer with his girlfriend, keeping her awake all night. The next night someone tried to steal out tables from the garden (see earlier post), cement and all. Then her shower leaked. Then her door lock broke. Finally she called me last night to say that an alarm had been going all night from above, she thought, so she hadn’t slept again. Argghhhh. Rang Rip Rap to ask him if he could just check the smoke alarms on his floor to see if any were beeping. Oh that, he said, no, that beeping must have been my smoke alarm, I couldn’t get it to stop going off. Oh right, I said, so it kept you awake as well, why didn’t you call me to get it sorted? I didn’t bother, he said, because I just put it in the cellar, under a towel.

I despair. So Rip Rap got a great night’s sleep, but he put the beeping smoke alarm in the cellar directly underneath a tenant’s bedroom, to beep incessantly all night. If she leaves, I’ll kill him!

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