Poor Rose Cottage gets a PPG15

Someone just told me it was Sunday, which means a whole weekend has gone by without me even noticing. Stuck in this bloody office for two days. I did escape to yoga today for an hour, and yesterday to watch an Almodovar on dvd I’ve had since Christmas and not watched, but 3hrs does not a weekend make!

Ah well, I have learned something. How to put together a PPG15. Not so exciting to you, maybe, but, on a positive note, I have never done one before, so it’s a new skill acquired. It’s basically a document stating what you want to do to a listed building, and then justifying what you propose; so now I know a whole heap of stuff about listed buildings that I didn’t know before, and will probably never use again as I will avoid them like the plague from this point on, as is recommended.

Rose Cottage is Grade 2 listed, but has been bastardised to buggary by a whole heap of appalling attempts at modernisation; apparently the cottage was given a modernisation grant in 1975 but the owners kind of forgot to mention they’d be ripping out the original staircase, chimney breasts and windows, and installing a bathroom :

So the listed building people were a little shocked at the state of it.

But here’s the thing, once you’ve bought it, it’s your responsibility to put it right. At whatever cost. Uhhh ohhhhhhhh………

2 thoughts on “Poor Rose Cottage gets a PPG15

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  1. Hi, I am just about to buy a grade 2 listed cottage and I can promise to beat your avocado bathroom with my orange brown one! Could we join forces and share resources? I am new to blogging and can’t find myself here yet… My blog is literally ‘grade 2 cottage’ and my name is ruthfcollins. Hope to hear from you. And good luck with everything. Ruth

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