Dulux – please give me Taupe, not PINK! It’s not just me!

A Facebook Rant on paint 🙂

Amy Hudson Cottington is wondering WHY when it says Mellow Mocha on the tin, does it look like strawberry milkshake on my walls…I HATE DIY.

Sian Astley

Tester pots 🙂 32 minutes ago

Amy Hudson Cottington

I know, I know, but no time for that and when Dulux say Mocha I expect SOME kind of taupe not pink!!!

Sian Astley

Every taupe I have bought in the last two years has been pink, driving me insane!! There must be a problem with ICI’s eyesight, seriously, but tech will argue about everything. Roman stone – pink. Natural Taupe – pink. And now Mellow Mocha – pink!!

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