Business: Abandoned by a grubby Jennifer Aniston: Part II The voicemail

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So to continue the saga, yesterday afternoon as the abandoned flat was facing the Power of the Cif, I noticed Scottish G had called me. I didn’t call back. Then I got a friendly text: ” Could you ring me when u get this!”

I texted back “Please don’t call back, I know Mr Moregeous called you as he was furious but I really want to move on. He won’t call again.”

At this point I was unaware that Mr M had asked Scottish G to make a contribution for damage and cleaning. I spoke to Mr M and he told me G said he’d send £30. Yeh, right, like he paid the rent and deposit.

I got another text “Ring me now its nothing 2 do with Mr M hes actually a sound guy ring me for a sec!”

Hmmmm. This smells fishy, the texts are far too nice, and he has NEVER before wanted to speak to me so badly but always avoided calls. Has he read the blog? What would you think?

I replied: “Please don’t text again. I don’t want your money. Keep it and good luck.”

The tone instantly changed: “Y u not ringing me ur mouth almighty b4???”

Then in comes the voicemail. It is hysterical, without pauses and here is an exact transcript:

” Oh your story’s changed now, innt it, you’ll no f*g ring me will ya… You better get your story removed off the internet now, you f * g silly SLAG, because listen, the whole Jennifer Aniston shit, I had been sitting out there for four f *g hours so I did look shit, and I hadn’t even finished doing my make-up, and you see once I am done up properly I could steal your husband from under your feet cause you’re nothing but an ugly little BASTARD and you’re a real girl and d’you know I was texting Mr M earlier, to try and get the money for the flat, cause I know, I didn’t even know about heels to the floor, about the holes to the floor, so I was trying to get money and that together, but you see now, you won’t get a f*g penny, and as for forwarding to emails to ma work, what the f*k’s it got to do with ma work? Ah you’ll no ring me back now, I swear to God, if ma mum gets adrift of ya, you’ll f*g get bounced up and down the street, you silly little COW, move on, you were texting me yesterday, listen, you better ring me back now, because that story better get removed from the internet and I better see it. I’ve had people reading me up from work and reading me that and the picture of the f*g dirty underwear in the drawer, well, the reason I never took that love, is cause that was already there when I f*g moved in, exactly, so your flat wasna all f*g clean, and that was already there, so dinna f*g write lies about me, love”

OK. The blog has been read. I am wondering about the whole email thing as I didn’t send any to his work, or ex-work. Hmmm again. I naturally also fear for my relationship as Scottish G is primed like a heat seeking missile to whisk Mr M away from me.

I text: “As I said, don’t call back. I write a blog, that’s my perogative, and it’s the true story of what happens to me as a landlord. If tenants behave appallingly and barefaced lie to me, and leave my flats in a disgraceful state as you did, it goes on there. I am calling the police about your threats and abuse.” I’d hoped that would be an end to it. No such luck.

A tirade of texts followed with various insults; face like a smacked arse, sad lonely insecure bitch etc. And I felt a bit bad, after all, I think he makes a fabulous girl; tall, slim, lovely bone structure, just a shame about the potty mouth and inability to face up to responsibilities.

However I did take his name off the blog, not sure why. And that of his friend as it wasn’t really any of his fault. Even though his friend then made a comment on the blog with his name on it?!!

But the bigger question is why should I remove them? Do I have the right to write about my life and my day and my work as it happens? If people don’t like reading about their behaviour and what they do, then maybe they should behave a bit bloody better. Same with Mr M’s ex and her hideous behaviour. Should I be allowed to write about that? It brings into question what is private and what isn’t? And those are very big questions. If someone behaves badly, should I have the right to blog it and name and shame, or not?

It’s a buggar this internet blog thing, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Business: Abandoned by a grubby Jennifer Aniston: Part II The voicemail

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  1. What a nightmare – you have every right to blog about the tenant.
    As for the ex, yes you have the right…but I would suggest not doing it, simply because there is a child involved.

  2. Maybe you are right, Lisa, but after years and years of being on the receiving end, and taking all the vile emails and letters, I’ve just had enough of them. Maybe seeing them out in the open and realising how awful she has been and continues to be, will make them stop. Everyone, including my step son, would be happier if that happened, instead of the nastiness just keep being repeated over and over again……

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