Design – The Didsbury Vintage & Craft Fair Feb ’10

The Didsbury Vintage & Craft Fair

Very rare for us to even get a few hours spare, never mind a day off (what’s one of those anyway?), but today was that day. After a morning running around getting tiling grout and a chrome kitchen leg for Rose Cottage, all of a sudden I found myself in a really weird predicament…. nothing to do, unheard of! Well, not nothing strictly speaking, as there’s always paperwork beckoning, but with the February sun shining, there was something much more fabulous on the doorstep, the Vintage and Craft Fair in Didsbury village which DidsburyLife had just popped onto Twitter.

Mr Moregeous and I giggled like two kids, beyond excited to be out and free of work in daylight hours, so this is what normal people do on a Saturday afternoon! Granted he was slightly less excited about a vintage clothing fair than I was and soon buggared off into the village, leaving me there snap happy and rummaging for a bargain.

Lots of lovely things and interesting people in the fair, my first stop was the above stand, where a very odd coincidence blew me away (they are always happening to me, aren’t they wonderful). A couple of weeks ago, I read something about a new Manchester band called The Jessie Rose Trip, had a listen on MySpace and loved the female vocalist’s voice. And the girl on the stand above is the singer, Jessie Rose! Couldn’t believe it! She has a stupendous voice, if she’s not Brit’s material soon I’ll eat my vintage hat. Really looking forward to their single launch night mid-March in Manchester.

Jessie Rose with her right hand woman (i.e. mum!)

OK Si, enough of the Jessie Road Trip fan blog now, move on to the rest of the fair 🙂 As you can see below there was lots to see, the Emmanuel Hall was packed with stalls and this was just one side of it.

Totally Austin Powers
The Catwalk Creative stall, with the very elegant Louise on hand to help

Great retro pieces above at Catwalk Creative, who also show at the Craft and Vintage Sunday on the last Sunday of each month at Broadstone Mill in Stockport.

Lindsey Tyson Feltmaking & Textile Artist

Learn feltmaking with Lindsey  Tyson at her studio in Scarborough, for everyone from beginners to experts

Ophelia Button

Welcome to the world of ‘forgotten fastenings’ at Ophelia Button, a Manchester based craft company, check out their sites for workshops for kids and adults.

Handmade by Bethany

I liked these handcrafted pins, to be used as brooches or hair accessories, hmmmmm, thinking of that wedding I’ve got coming up! Find them at Handmade by Bethany, though these are quite new so you may have to email her at

Imogen's Powder Room

Imogen’s Powder Room, based in over Harrogate and here for the day had some lovely items and their handmade cards are sexy and fun. I wish I’d have known that on Friday when I bought the 14 different cards I need this week for every occasion known to man, dammit.

Meanwhile, there is always time for homemade cake and biscuits……

It’s the little things which make you smile, you don’t get freebies like the ones below in Top Shop!

I’m imagining her thinking:

'They're actually making money selling this old crap as vintage, jeez, the things I've thrown away....'
Time for a jolly good rummage.....

Don't know this girl, but just liked the picture!

I don't even drink tea or coffee, completely random snap therefore. Very Romany I thought.
And baby came too!

It was so busy I didn’t manage to snap all the stands, sorry if I’ve missed you out, but also there was Wowie Zowie from Chorlton and the Manchester Craft Mafia, plus organisers Katie Kennedy and Ruthie McCall.

I thoroughly enjoyed my hour there, very much looking forward to the next event. The afternoon was deliciously rounded off by a stupendous lunch and a glass of Pinot Grigio at Love 2 Eat on Burton Road. Happy.

Pies. Unbeatable.

Love 2 Eat, Burton Road

PS Thanks to FetchDidsbury for the blog link 🙂

10 thoughts on “Design – The Didsbury Vintage & Craft Fair Feb ’10

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  1. I went too was so good. Think the lady you couldn’t remember the name of was behind the label Jenny Wren.I bought a gorgeous vintage cardigan that she had customised.

  2. Really enjoyed reading your blog about the vintage and craft fair, and the photos look great. My sister Louise had a stand there (Catwalk Creative Vintage) and she really enjoyed the day. I couldn’t be there so thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning my website, Catwalk Creative Vintage and photo too! Not to forget my fabulous friend and partner, Beth, of Faux Brit who was sharing the stall with me. We attend vintage fairs under the name ‘Vintage Bizarre’. I hope your readers will take a look at our website and check out our Events page for details of our regular selling venues. You can also find links to our separate websites and purchase in the comfort of your armchair!

    Thanks for spreading the love for vintage! xxx

    1. Wow! What a great article of the Didsbury Vintage/Craft Show! Have signed up for your blog alerts! Thanks so much for including all the fab photos of everyone there! The day seemed a blur so good to see the pics. Louise {Catwalk Creative} and myself {Faux Brit} had a stall for our combined efforts, VINTAGE BIZARRE. Louise was looking extra “posh” for the SHOW! Loved the vintage attire on all! Have to thank my Louise for alerting me to this wonderful blog!!!
      You have really written a superb review! THANKS a MILLION!!! xox

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