Project Brighton: The Ikea Adel/Lidingo kitchen goes in

The rental apartment is coming on a treat, with the units up and on the walls, appliances in (almost) and a quick dash for tiling required today.

FYI here is the before image and floor plan for the kitchen:

It’s about a hundred times lighter and brighter, with the Ikea units bridging the gap between traditional and contemporary nicely. It’s funny how the Ikea Lidingo glass doors looked so much more ‘cottagey’ in Rose Cottage where they were used with the Stat doors, oak units and slate floor. In this light room with its warm walnut worktops and cream base doors, the Lidingo glass looks more Scandanavian mixed with the Adel door. There is a bit of an on-line debate about whether you should mix the Lidingo glass doors with Adel units, as the former are designed to go with the Stat door BUT the glass doors which go with the Adel units are hideous (with prison stippled glass). Personally, I think they work just fine, there is barely any difference between the finishes.

Left hand side of kitchen, tumble drier and washing machine to go under cabinets, sink under the window
RHS kitchen with the freestanding oven removed and replaced with tall oven / microwave housing
RHS of kitchen, swapped the old freestanding oven for tall unit, drawers under hob, tiles ready to be fixed

I’ve opted for some limestone linear tiles instead of an upstand, these will stand 30omm high and wrap into the window sill area plus form the oven splashback. Just dropped them off to the ‘cry of can we have some more adhesive and trim’, grrrrrr back to the suppliers AGAIN! But the sun is shining and I may even have time to get to the gym today, which would be fantastic given that blinking naked Spencer Tunick thing is fast approaching 😉

2 thoughts on “Project Brighton: The Ikea Adel/Lidingo kitchen goes in

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  1. Hi,
    We are opting for an ikea kitchen in our property. Do you source appliances from there? Fridge, freezer, dishwasher?
    We will be getting a range cooker and keeping our current washing machine.

    1. Sorry I just saw your comment Ashley. I don’t usually get appliances from Ikea, though have done in the past for myself and clients. I don’t think they do range cookers either? Sian

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