Excellent sneaked images from Tunick Lowry shoot & YouTube video

I’ve just been directed to some GREAT shots taken of the Spencer Tunick Lowry shoot for his installation Everyday People, so thanks for that Tim for sending me the link and Hickson1 on Twitter for taking them.

Also The Lowry have just posted their YouTube video taken on the Satuday morning shoot :

So imagine the scene. You wake up a bit bleary eyed on a Sunday morning, grab a coffee and wander out onto your balcony to get some fresh air, expecting to see maybe an early bird or two outside the Lowry – and this is what you’re faced with! Admit it, wouldn’t you grab your phone and take a couple of snaps?

View from Imperial Point down to the Tunick shoot at the Lowry, Tunick himself was off to the left of the image

Like little white ants milling about, so funny

Had a bit of a moral tussle with myself today as to whether to post these images. I read somewhere that one of the reasons Spencer Tunick doesn’t like any pre-launch photos to be seen is that it may detrimentally affect ticket sales or attendance at the chosen gallery or venue when the installation is launched. Maybe he feels people will have had enough of the idea or be bored or think they’ve ‘seen it all already’. I think that rather the opposite will be the case. These glimpses into the day won’t be a patch on the finished artwork and judging by the amount of hits I’m getting on the blogs, the installation this summer at the Lowry will be a very popular one.

See some more shots here: https://moregeous.wordpress.com/2010/05/04/spencer-tunicks-salford-and-manchester-naked-shoot/

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