Design – Lottery winner alert: the spectacular Bark Cloth ‘wallpaper’

Bark Cloth by Arte at Brian Yates, even the book is leather bound!

Spent yesterday getting on with the decorating at Project Squeeze with yours truly on wall / skirting duties and Mr M on anything above head height. It’s looking so lovely but sorry, I don’t want to post pics ’til it’s finished and looking it’s best at the end of the week!

I’d a mid-afternoon visit from the Brian Yates area rep, whose wallpapers I often use, so I could have a peep at their new season ranges. Of course, I instantly fell in decor lust with their latest variations on the Ulf Moritz ranges in my colours of the moment – wallpapers almost like fabrics in coppers, golds and whites, just delicious. But there was something else which I couldn’t fail to be wowed by – the new ‘Bark Cloth’ wallpaper artwork! Check this out…..

Example of one of the Bark Cloth finishes

It’s amazing, an eco-warrior of a wallpaper if ever there was one. It’s a completely natural product which is made in Uganda by stripping wafer thin bark from a tree (one would presume in a sustainable way), drying and finishing it, you can see images below:

Images of how the Bark Cloth is made

The texture is rich and tactile to the touch, almost like hide and completely unique.

Looks like suede doesn't it?

You likey, you wanty? You better be a lottery winner, a hedge funder or a footballer then ’cause this gorgeousness will set you back £2200 for a 1.3m by 3m panel. Ouch. Back to Project Squeeze to watch Harry hang my Laura Ashley gold and cream flowered paper and day-dream about buying the winning ticket 🙂

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