Property: Our “Sorry For The Mess” fairy cakes

New Home!

I wrote a week or so ago about all things sweet and welcoming for my new tenants and they went down VERY well, as you can tell from a couple of lovely texts I received:

“Hi Sian, just got home to find the absolutely gorgeous cupcakes you left, thank so much, I love them! Can’t imagine they will last long ha they look yummy!”

“Thank you so much for the cupcakes! I just had one after my dinner….they’re yummy!”

Seems to be a bit of a recurrent theme, huh, the whole yumminess idea….. so why spoil a great thing? Today, by way of apology to the tenants in the block where I’m renovating the 5th of 6 apartments, I asked Laura at Airy Fairy Cupcakes to make some Sorry For the Mess cakes. Fab aren’t they 🙂

Do you think I'll be forgiven?!

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