Life: Pigeon Poo, the West Didsbury mosaic, prawns and MORE cakes!

In an effort to distract ourselves from life’s traumas, we threw ourselves into work yesterday. That sentence is actually too ridiculous for words because it makes it sound like most days are quiet and we just choose when to work… when anyone who knows the Moregeous lifestyle knows that most days there is barely time to eat / breathe / sleep! After hours of office work and a visit to Project Rev (to be blogged soon), I footed the ladder at the rental flats whilst Mr M wrapped chicken wire round the soil pipes where some pigeons have been roosting and pooing to their heart’s content. It was disbloodygusting. When you’re at the bottom of a ladder and someone at the top is clearing piles of poo, it’s neither pleasant nor possible to dodge out of the way whilst still maintaining your footing grip.

Straight up Burton Road with the ladders then, and though I don’t do much up-the-ladder work these days due to a bit of a ropey back, occasionally my seriously talented caulking finger is needed. Amanda McCrann created this wonderful West Didsbury mosaic at WestFest 2010, with the help of lots of of local residents who all stuck a little piece of mosaic on too – I did two snippets of the ‘s’ in West! Mr M sorted the drilling and fixed it to the gable wall at Folk bar and I finished it off neatly with a bit of external sealant. It looks fabulous when the late afternoon sun shines down the road, so make sure you glance up next time you head down into West Didsbury!







Daytime food normally consists of a can of Red Bull and one of Mark’s sandwiches from the Burton Road Bakery but we’d a rare treat today. As Michael and Hannah had come over to go over the filming at Green Tea, the girls prepared some dishes for them to try and it would have been rude not to join in πŸ˜‰ King prawns and pak choi, salt and pepper tofu, pork stew, chilli beef – all completely mouth-wateringly delicious!


A selection of Green Tea dishes



Michael and Hannah now think ALL client meetings should include food!


The day was just getting better and better. Started off badly = poo, got better = mosaic, even better = delicious food, and then, get this, we got an invitation to the opening of a CAKE SHOP!! I nearly fainted. And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon had their family and friends launch at their new shop on Burton Road last night, Didsbury Life were going and we were in the right place at the right time! What a lovely end to the day. Just goes to show, even when life is tough, there are things, ok ok, there is cake, to make you smile πŸ™‚


And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon



Family + friends + cake = perfect



Bakewell Bites



Cake just makes people happy, doesn't it?



Helen getting some snaps for Didsbury Life



These were gorgeous, Blackberry Friends



Sweet decor and pecan nut brownies



Owner Anna at the launch



Gregg at Cactus Design's great shelving unit


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