Saucy wallpaper, vintage shoes and halloween cupcakes!

Inspired by the AWFUL landlords on last week’s Panorama, we’ve been busy catching up on all the little jobs and to-do’s for our rentals this week. Ok, I’ve been in the office doing the accounts but also making lists as Mr M valiantly works through them. God, I love him. As a ‘Happy Halloween’ and also a reminder to let us know of any issues in their flat, I dropped off an Airy Fairy spooky cup-cake with one of the notes above to each of our tenants. Nearly all. I forgot one flat and I therefore hope they don’t read this. Of course we saved a couple….. if anyone annoys me, they’ll be getting one of these pointed threateningly their way….

Cakes delivered, I scooted off to the Whitworth, an art gallery near Manchester city centre which was hosting a vintage fair for the afternoon. It wasn’t as big as the Fallowfield extravaganza earlier this year, but was still a rather pleasant way to spend a couple of hours, kinda wish I’d had time to get my hair, nails and make-up done like the girls below, looked like great fun:

The fair in the South Gallery, with ivy wallpaper by Thomas Demand

And I bought myself some shoes, in camel, very this season 😉 And a very 70’s pleated skirt which is very Please Sir and just made me smile. I might never wear it, but it made me smile.

Clutching my vintage treasures, I headed to leave then checked myself. I was in an art gallery, on a Saturday afternoon, with nowhere else to be, I am so not used to having free time. First I wandered through a dark installation by Olafur Eliasson called The Forked Forest Path, very apt for a spooky weekend:

then was delighted to find a Walls Are Talking exhibition, this one with reference to gender and sexuality. To quote the Whitworth:

What do Barbie, Batman, James Bond and the Spice Girls all have in common? You will find them all pictured on classic ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ wallpapers in this display that explores wallpaper’s connections to gender and sexuality.

As well as featuring stereotypes and celebrities, the exhibition includes many one-off or limited edition artworks. Artists such as Robert Gober, Niki De Saint Phalle and Allen Jones knowingly play with visual representations of sex, celebrity, machismo, pornography and childbirth.  Made for a domestic setting where gender roles are played out, wallpaper is the perfect medium to highlight and question these repeating patterns.

Love the Dupenny Housewives paper here on the right below…

There was an interesting observation on the Girl Power Spice Girls paper, note how they’ve all got little girl turned in toes so they’re not TOO threatening…..

This paper by artist Charley Case looks innocuous enough…..

Until you look closer and see nakedness in homage to da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man….

And as for this next rude boy, well, as joeyegg22 said on Twitter ” I rushed the girls past that one!”

What a FAB day, round about time for another cake, I think 🙂

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