Project Green Tea – Bose Acoustimass 3 speakers

I don’t do speakers, or rather I didn’t used to! Mr M gets overly excited about speakers and the sounds which comes out of them and I find this a bit disturbing. Maybe it’s a man/woman Mars/Venus thing because I don’t know many women who salivate with delight when the conversation turns to sound quality, hence when the Green Tea girls mentioned they were unhappy with their sound system, I knew I was out of my depth. There are many things I can do, but for this a sound boff was required and luckily I knew just the man….

After 15 minutes in Sumners Audio Visual in Northenden, I felt like someone had slipped me some morphine without me noticing, Mr M was bewitched and bedazzled, I was just bewildered. Never mind the blah blah, I wanted to see something, touch something and most importantly HEAR something. Speaker Guy was very nice but there’s just no way you can buy speakers without hearing them. Also I wanted cute ones, in white. Both men looked at me witheringly when I made that stipulation. I explained about the room at Green Tea and their requirements, upon which Speaker Guy recommended the Bose 161 speakers, but he didn’t have any in white #fail. We left there intending to head home and do some research but I chanced a call to the Manchester Arndale Bose store as Speaker Guy had said they might have some. Nope, don’t have those Speaker Guy II said, but talk me through what you need them for. I did and he dismissed the 161’s and said what we needed was some Acoustimass speakers. You know how some salesmen are really irritating as it’s clear they just want to sell you whatever they can, regardless of what you need? My gut told me this guy wasn’t one of them. He was articulate, clear, friendly, made sense…. we headed down there and ended up delighted to have done so. Not only did he have the cutest little white speakers ever which practically disappear into the walls, he also had an ex-display sound system  perfect for the restaurant, job done! Plus even though I was in my usual work scruffs, I was made to feel like a valued customer and listened to the speakers in the dedicated Bose listening room, we hadn’t even been told there was one at Sumners. A bit like that Pretty Woman moment – BIG mistake 😉

These little beauties are only 8cm high and fill Green Tea with music, throwing the sound all the way to the front of the room. They hardly distort at all for something so small and everyone who’s had a listen thinks they are quite marvellous! To totally transform the sound within the restaurant, drown out all kitchen noises and look a wee bit darling too, all for £250 plus £40 for the brackets wasn’t at all bad, thanks Bose!

For true sound afficionados there’s an expert’s comprehensive review here:

And here’s the link to more info if you fancy some too:

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