Project Rev – kitchen in, bathrooms started…

It seems like ages ago when we started Rev but it’s really only a matter of weeks, Team Moregeous have done amazingly well under Marcin’s strict guidance to get this huge six bedroomed property stripped out, re-wired, re-plumbed and plastered in such a short time. We have a good team going right now, I’m very proud of them. We were all talking today and decided there’s a real benefit to having a buffer (i.e. me) between builder and client, there are less debates, delays and discussions, things get decided on then done so much faster and there are often zero hiccups – you know the hiccups shown on every property-disaster-builder show where the main problem is actually the complete inability for clients and builders to easily and properly communicate with each other.

Clients can sometimes take ages to make decisions and chop and change their minds, so the impact on the budget, schedule and builder’s profit is often considerable. Builders are mostly crap at design, can’t always understand exactly what the client wants, don’t want to make design decisions and therefore have trouble delivering an end product the client is happy with. So someone in the middle of all that from the beginning right through to the end can make sure all those problems disappear. It’s certainly worked well with Rev. I’m very grateful for my team’s ability to crack on even when I wasn’t 100% this last couple of weeks, with everything going on, but I’m back with my whip now 😉

The bathrooms are going in as you can see above, the main bathroom bath is in position to be fitted then tiling will commence.

The kitchen was all plastered, the chimney breast area prepared and the floor levelled and screeded…..

So the walls could be painted, then the new sleek Italian kitchen and floor tiles specified by Ferrious installed….

The dining room has been plastered and undercoated and is huge, that’ll be some party room for the lucky family who end up renting this amazing property (this below is only half of the room!):

Even up on the top floor the smallest bedroom is starting to come together now all the roof and chimney water ingress issues have been sorted out, just new window openers and painting to be done, plus a little attention to the original fireplace:

The paint colours, bathroom wall tiles and floor tiles are now on site, so within a week, Project Rev may actually start to look like a house!

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