Hanging with Steve Jones: a spot of advice for very.co.uk

I wouldn’t presume to give advice on How to Hang if you’re referring to kicking back in an LA cool type fashion, but when we’re talking canvases and mirrors, something I do on a weekly basis in some property or other, that’s easily within my comfort zone.

The ‘very’ nice Joanna from http://www.very.co.uk, the new on-line department store, contacted me the other week to ask if I’d give some advice for her readers on how to wall mount their very-bought masterpieces. Be delighted I said. I didn’t realise until I re-read the original email that the contact had come through Claire at Find A TV Expert, that’s two jobs in one week from them, bit of a result.

Keep it short and sweet, she said, snappy tips summed up in a sentence. Job done. I checked out the EZine today when Joanna sent me the link, scrolled along, clicked and found myself pictured grinning away over some ‘expert tips’. A book deal it ain’t but very flattering to be asked and much appreciation goes to Claire who’s constant promotion of her site results in peeps like me getting work like this!

If you’re struggling to hang a mirror, you can click here to check out the EZine…. or you could always just get yourself a hammer and some tacks 😉 Actually, ladies, there are some rather fetching piccies of Steve Jones on there, so it’s well worth a peek!


Gratuitous Steve Jones shot courtesy of Daily Fail

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