Project Rev: starting to look like a house not a building site

Down at Project Rev, things are coming on a treat, with more and more bits of the old parsonage being cleaned up, painted and revealed as liveable space instead of the building site it’s been for the last few months. At this stage, you start to see detail again, like the stained glass at the first floor mezzanine doorway. This is the doorway into the area containing the main bathroom, loo and Swan Room, which sadly now no longer has swans but will always have that moniker here. The bannister rail is being sanded, the carpets are booked for the 31st Jan but there’s still quite a bit to do *cracks whip*

The bathrooms are in and tiled but not finished off yet, and as you can see the designers have opted for a contemporary feel for us to fit. There’s a separate shower cubicle in the family bathroom, the porcelain tiles have been laid to perfection and a little wing to the bath means a much comfier head as Ms Tenant lies back to read her Grazia 🙂

The master bedroom en-suite below is long but quite wide with a huge window. We’ve installed a double ended bath, central taps, shower and it’s a luxurious space to be enjoyed by Mr and Mrs Tenant without the kids battering on the door, perfect!

On the ground floor the entrance has been given it’s first lick of paint, pointless doing two as heavy items are still being moved in and out:

And the floor sanding in the dining room was off and running yesterday….. in fact I just took a call to say can I go check it for smoothness before they start varnishing, so I’m offski on a site visit. Dammit, just when I though I may actually get some time to do my self-assessment. Where do the days go???

If you want to see images of the house as it was, tap ‘Rev’ into the search box top right!

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