Didsbury Dinners & how to blow a cucumber (pre-watershed)

Everyone once in a while, you see something which makes your jaw drop and your mind question whether it’s really seeing what it thinks it’s seeing. Sunday was one of those days when, at the launch of the Didsbury Dinners cookbook organised by the Action for Sustainable Living project in South Manchester, an audience of people sat in stunned silence to see The Vegetable Orchestra perform their organic melodies. Marrows, butternut squashes and cucumbers were blown, hollowed out carrots were tapped, celery was crunched and all combined to make an eerie, wailing, brilliant musical madness.

If this group don’t end up on Britain’s Got Talent, there’s something wrong with the world 🙂 The Vegetable Orchestra can be contacted by calling Abigail on 0161 237 3357.

The Albert Club played host to the event, a fab venue and hidden gem in West Didsbury, with stalls of food to taste and cooking demonstrations by Cracking Good Food using delicious ingredients sourced locally and from the Unicorn organic grocery….

It was also the launch of the Didsbury Dinners cookbook, a Low-Carbon Community Cookbook created as part of the Action for Sustainable Living project which aims to improve food sustainability in South Manchester. The book showcases recipes from real Didsbury people using locally-sourced ingredients – gutted I didn’t get my act together and send in one of mine!

My award for the Fav Stand of the Day went to this scrumptious bunch below, plus Rip Rap to the far right, who call themselves the Spicerack Cooking Group, a gang of older gentlemen who meet every Thursday to teach themselves how to cook. They used to be ten but now are only six as four have, ahem ‘left’ so were there to try and get some new blood 😉 They were brilliant and I duly roped dad in for a weekly cooking lesson in an attempt to get him to do something other than golf. The minute they said they’d a snooker table and made cream cakes, he was in.

All in all a very gentle and right-on day which degenerated somewhat after a few cheeky wines into a bread bashing session and a few hours on the terrace. I love where I live 🙂

The Didsbury Dinners pdf provides further information and more details of the pilot study on local food sustainability.

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