Our Royal Wedding at The Albert Club, West Didsbury

Pimms and a Royal Wedding at The Albert, West Didsbury

What a completely fabulous, fun-filled celebration of Britishness, romance and friendship yesterday was. It’s been ages since the country joined together in such a positive way and bar a few misery-guts wheeled out by the media but ignored by most of the rest of us, I think it’s safe to say everyone enjoyed the day (off!). Our day started at 10am with a stomach lining breakfast on Burton Road then over to The Albert Club where the sun shone, flags flew and the bar was drunk dry of Pimms 🙂

All eyes were on the big screen as the gorgeous Kate, sorry, Catherine!, married her prince….

Me & Lucy, glued to the screen

Kat and Hannah wait for The Kiss....

Even Chloe knew which one was the princess 😉

…with the general consensus that it was a pretty fantastic wedding, a perfect dress and the best surroundings to watch it. Prince Phillip agreed, must have been a look-alike at Westminster Abbey?

Mr M stocks up

The brilliant Silver Apples provided asparagus quiches, royal cupcakes, themed baking and cream teas, absolute perfection for the feel of the day.

The cakes by Silver Apples were delicious
Cream teas with juicy strawberries, along with coronation chicken pasties

It has to be said that the boys didn’t show quite so much enthusiasm for the wedding, with a marathon 7hrs of highly competitive bowls & beer in the sunshine…

….which rapidly degenerated as soon as the girls appeared with Ava and Dolly causing havoc on the green 🙂

Some people took it a bit *too* seriously…

Whilst others just couldn’t get the hang of it at all and kept sitting down on the job, Chloe with the Elvis lip!…

After many drinks in the sun…

….we all headed over to Folk and it was just a bit too much for the red white and blue clad Ava, who did what we adults all felt like doing and promptly fell asleep, leaving Team Manning free to enjoy a peaceful tea!

We missed the Aston Martin leaving the palace, which I thought was very cool, but apart from that felt like we were virtual guests at an actual wedding, with all the tv coverage, Twitter going wedding mad and local celebrations.

Prince William emerges from Buckingham Palace in his father's dark blue Aston Martin as the crowd roars. The number plate on the rear said 'Just Wed'

Roll on the coronation – I do hope they miss a generation 😉

Even managed to get myself on YouTube when the M.E.N. popped down to The Albert!

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