The forum put their tuppence in!

A busy week and then a fantastic day at CavFest yesterday meant I’m only just checking into the blog today and got a nice and then a bit of a nasty surprise. The nice bit was having several hundred visits to the Moregeous Mansion bird house post earlier this week. It’s taken our garden by storm and though the birds were tentative initially, there was soon a feathered flurry of activity once they realised the floors were full of food. A certain someone isn’t happy though as every time she leaps up to catch a snack, she bashes her head on the base of the swimming pool….

And the nasty surprise? When I clicked on the link to find out where all the extra readers had come from, I found it was from a site called, the focus of which is, not surprisingly, house prices and featuring as huge amount of articles, links and information about the same. I don’t think it would be unfair to say that the site and it’s regular followers do not particularly like BTL or tv property shows. On a sticky wicket from the start really wasn’t I?

It didn’t start well with Sarah Bell posting a link to our bird house with the comment:

It’s the woman who was on property ladder with the glass chip fireplace thing and the awful bathroom flooring.

Yes indeed Sarah, it’s me. Though an alternative description would be the recycled glass stones and funky cork tiles 😉 God, that bathroom has had some comments over the years, you live and learn eh?

Downside made me laugh as he thought:

Looks better built than most new builds

And well in with Ungeared as:

Just what I’ve been looking for, a bird with her own house ;)

Mr Miyagi remembered:

and the shit roof.

But I must inform him that after a sustainable tidy up costing £300 that roof is still going strong 10yrs later, so you and Beeny can both Wax Off 😉

However how’s this for an ouch moment by Vacant Possesion:

This woman is not a designer. She is a BUYER of what she thinks are “nice” interiors for people with even less imagination than herself but lots of cash to spend. She’s a yuppie buyer of chinz using other people’s money.

Blimey. Is he/she having a laugh? Strange when people comment on your life / career / business when they’ve no idea what you really do but have based their opinion on a show filmed ten years ago! I wish I did buy nice interiors, not the run down, dilapidated, unloved properties I have done – it would have been much much easier. And how lovely would it have been to have lots of cash to spend, Vacant Possession makes my life sound like one long Posh n Becks inspired shopping spree! ‘Yuppie’ Whaaaa hahahahaha, fell off my chair at that one, although I guess swanning around in PL in 2001 in a little black convertible looking like a girl enjoying an about town lifestyle did make life look a lot easier than it actually was. They didn’t show me still working full-time, renovating my own home & never having any time off, . Didn’t suit the effect PL wanted of ditzy blonde careering blindly through a redevelopment and not listening to the expert. Vacant Possession, more fool you for believing everything you saw 😉

I guess if you stick your head above the parapet, be prepared to have it blown off!

4 thoughts on “The forum put their tuppence in!

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  1. I would like to write a reply to the bunch of opinionated readers.

    1. You are a great designer, who has great inspiration and flair
    2. Your are a great landlady, who creates a home for a tenant rather than just a place to stay.
    3. Yes those bathroom tiles in ‘Property Ladder’ were horrible, but hey, thousands of people used them while they were available so someone somewhere liked them.
    4. You are far too young to be a yuppie, they died out with mullet hairdos and spandex pants.

    As some one who has known you for a good few years I can honestly say you are a bit like the ‘A’ Team (but without the mohawk) you can make a plan come together with the most unexpected interiors.


  2. Yeah, I’d like to second Jonathan. I’ve known you for a long time and some of those comments are OTT and unfair.

    Check that site out, it’s full of lunatics.

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