Bit bored tonight… let’s take a wall down!

Since last week’s post all about ‘home’, lots has happened in Moregeous land. Our bedroom has been transformed with the installation of the ‘saved’ wardrobes from a room cluttered with rails, racks and shoes to one which actually looks streamlined and tidy for the first time in six years, yipee. That prompted a huge though slightly premature spring clean which always feels great…. afterwards πŸ™‚ I even bought in an on-line sale one of my most favourite plant holders, the Plant Cup by Gitta GschwendtnerΒ to compliment some of the treasures I’d unpacked to dot around the house

Some good news came late last week in the form of an email from one of my favourite destination shops, nope not Selfridges or Harvey Nics like most women but B&Q! Having tenanted apartments and working on client properties means instant off the shelf purchases are often needed and though Team Moregeous often use small local suppliers, I find myself wandering in under that huge orange sign at least once a week. How fabulous then to be invited to build on the filming I did with B&Q before Christmas and create more how-to home improvement videos for their on-line content. Mr M used this as the perfect opportunity to update the tech in our bedroom i.e. get rid of the antique tv/video combo I’d steadfastly refused to get rid of for the last twenty years (#Steptoe). You need to get fit again, he said (he’s right). You need to treat yourself as a reward, he said (he’s right). We need to get rid of that ‘orrible tv cabinet, he said (he’s right). We need a 32 inch flat screen wall mounted tv, he said. EH??!! His angle was telling me I could use it to get my Cindy, Mandy & Rodney fitness dvds up in their full glory instead of having them on a mini MacBook. Hmmm. But I love it, no need to go to the gym *cancels Virgin membership*

Kinda thought that was it then and I got stuck into getting some office based iCloud and Apple issues sorted today. I was beavering away on the top floor around 8pm tonight when I heard some banging. Weird I thought, must be next door. It started again, louder and I realised I hadn’t heard anything from Mr M for a while. Always a worry. I wandered downstairs and opened the kitchen door. OMG! The whole kitchen and even the cat was full of dust…. we’d talked about knocking through from the kitchen to the dining room and he was in the middle of it!! ‘What are you DOING?’ I exclaimed. His reasoning? ‘I thought if I did this, you’d let me have wine tonight as well as last night’

And I did πŸ™‚


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