It’s a wrap!

Fizz in plastic cups!

Blimey, what a few months it’s been, Mr M and I are finally home in Manchester and exhausted!

Four Half Built Houses the length and breadth of the country, Exeter, Pitlochry, Eastbourne and Birmingham rescued, revitalised, renovated and returned to their owners. It’s been incredibly hard work but very rewarding trying to turn what were effectively building sites into liveable and enjoyable rooms for people totally at the end of their tether with the strain of their huge DIY projects.

Lots of pressure on me to try and capture the personalities and design aspirations of the homeowners in the interior design scheme, given I’d to design the major rooms of the homes – kitchens, bathrooms etc -with minimal input from our contributors during the two week process….. did we manage it?

I can tell you this, there’s been tiredness, tears and a few tantrums – most of which will apparently be shown – eek. Even builders, designers and experts get stressed and upset, you know – we’re human too. Well, nearly.

You’ll have to watch and see as our first, and slightly controversial, episode is broadcast on Channel 5 at 8-9pm on Tuesday 10th July, make a date in your diary!

Over the next couple of weeks, I’ll be blogging some taster shots and hints as to some of the amazing products and design companies I had to FIGHT (literally!!) to use so keep popping by for interior inspiration xx 🙂

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  1. I think I recognise the backdrop “fizz in cups” photo – isn’t this the Half Built House you tackled in Perthshire? Local gossip has it that the owners are very unhappy with the result, what happened?

  2. Hi Sian, Saw something in the Manchester Evening News site about all this. Looks very interesting. Is this for real or a publicity stunt?

  3. I actually live in the Pitlochry area and have noticed there is a lot of hype about this programme at the moment…put it down to “small village local gossip” or not just thought i would come and check it out? People are saying the programme was a scam? Is this true? I hope not this site seems genuine…

  4. My husband is a local man, he is a joiner by trade and now runs his own joinery business, he has heard a few stories that the work that has been carried out is dodgy and unproffesional, but we will remain sceptical until we see the show for ourselves but as i said it is causing quite a stir among the village and the surrounding areas! When is it airing?

  5. I’ve watched both episodes and cannot believe the family from Perthshire are now complaining. The house was, to me, uninhabitable for a family before you arrived. You not only brought it up to, and above, a fit state to live in, but increased it’s value. What is it people want or expect from this type of arrangement? They were made very aware how long the team had and the idea of the programme is not to just follow strict specifications, the idea is your home is completely renovated at minimal cost, and in a fraction of the time it would take homeowners to do themselves, which is what they claim they were doing months/years before Sian and her team arrive. Please have a word with yourself instead of the media.

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