Fitting some Baroque style window film

The autumn nights are drawing in again (Boooooo Hiss!!!) and as big windows plus Mr M’s love of walking round butt naked is not a good combo, I decided to order some opaque film for our south facing bedroom windows. I love the light coming in during the day but until the house is renovated, refuse to spend a fortune on window blinds & dressings, so film seemed the perfect ‘for now’ choice.

I hadn’t used the Window Film Company before but loved one of the more decorative options on their web-site. Must admit to totally messing up the first one, in spite of doing loads of window film in the past – doh! The pattern I chose is so delicate and intricate that you have to leave the holding paper on for 24hrs, which is dead easy to do, but me – being such a dope – didn’t read the instructions properly.

That’ll teach me….

Looks great now it’s done properly, doesn’t it?!

Thanks for your help with the second sheet of film Micky on Twitter 🙂

3 thoughts on “Fitting some Baroque style window film

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  1. Oh this is beautiful! We have a bathroom window which looks over the car park next door. It’s a very pretty little country pub car park I hasten to add, but nonetheless we prefer not to entertain their patrons with our oblutiions! Problem is it is a multi pane window so I would have to buy lots of little squares of window film, Amanda

    1. You could get a still pretty but fully patterned film and cut it to the size of the panes before you take the paper backing off? It’s easy to cut to size and fit, I only messed this one up because it’s an unusual technical pattern in the centre of the sheet and I didn’t allow it time enough to adhere properly.

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