2013 ~ Let the property whirlwind begin!

So 2013 begins with at least one day this week when I was actually working on 7, yes 7, properties in one day!
In landlord world there have been heaters to fix, showers to sort, washing machines to clear of hair grips, fuses to change, tenants to move in and out, kitchens to paint….
In interiors world, bathrooms to seal, a terrace to tile, lights to install, a giant smart TV to hoist onto a wall… another endless list! The nicest job this week was installing my Manchester letters onto a kitchen backdrop. I’d like to say it was a one take wonder but today’s job is filling all the holes where I moved the letters around 😉
The vintage shades I had made into single pendants look fab against the deep blue wall:

We’ve all been gobsmacked at the weight of this 6yr old TV compared to the new and larger Smart TV. I couldn’t even lift this old one off the wall with one of the lads as it was so heavy, but can pick up the entire new TV on my own. Tech changes in such a short time never fail to amaze, do they? Loving the industrial inspired wallpaper I spec’d for the huge living room wall too!

Delighted with my bargain of the month, a console table needed for the dressing area at #ProjectRivet… £349 reduced to £85 in John Lewis – result!!


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